First App:
An offline app on the American Express / Air France KLM stand in various airports in France.
2 versions of the app: one that is displayed on LCD touchscreens, where you have a video looping.
You touch the screen and the App apears.
The second version is an Ipad one, for Hostesses that walk around in the airport with Ipads, showing clients the benefits of having an American Express Miles card, that add miles to your Miles account everytime you make purchases wit it.
The app shows aproximatively how many miles you can get in a year, by choosing your monthly expenses, then show which destinations you can have for free with this Miles.
The App works offline with webcaching (no internet conection on the stand or the Ipads)
Second App:
An offline app for traveling accountants, that doesn't have always wifi acces.
The app is presenting the advantages of the American Express Business Card, with a gift system.
The acountant take the data for the eventual future customer, and they are saved in an intern database on the Ipad. Once the account is in a palce when he have WiFi, he can send the base he collected via email.

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